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We're Open! But What Sets Us Apart at Silver Spring?

Aerial Photo of Silver Spring Personal are Home from the back showcasing their outdoor seating area with the mountains in the background

Welcome Home!

We often see those words on a mat as we enter a loved one’s home, making us feel appreciated. We step through their front door, and we’re in a place that feels like home. The fluffed pillows on the couch waiting for us to snuggle in and start a long conversation, the smell of coffee warming our soul, and our loved one’s nurturing company - those are some of the things we experience when we visit with the people who care about us most.

They’re also all the things you’ll find when you stay with us at Silver Spring.

Our 64-bed senior care home has been designed so that our residents, their families, and their guests truly feel welcome. Each individual room can be customized to our resident's tastes so they feel like they belong with us. Because, in our opinion, they do!

You’re Part of Our Family!

We absolutely love spending time with our senior residents and want them to feel respected and cared for. We also want them to be happy! Taking the time to get to know each person individually is part of what makes us different.

We built our senior living home because we wanted a special place for our own loved ones to be cared for. After visiting other facilities throughout Central PA and beyond, we thought we could offer our family more. So, Silver Spring was designed, constructed, and is now open.

We laid the supportive groundwork for our compassionate senior care home one brick at a time, and we feel proud to have created a place where we can easily welcome others into our home and into our family. Our staff's family and friends often come by to visit our residents and stay for crafts and activities.

We Cater to Each Individual

We’re all individuals, and it's our uniqueness that makes us special. Maybe you enjoy taking walks in the evening. Maybe you would rather spend your time having coffee with friends. Maybe you are particular in the morning and want to have specific foods at breakfast time.

We embrace our residents' differences by getting to know them and everything that makes them unique.

Our staff, therapists, vendors, and family all take the time to visit with our residents and learn about who they are. We enjoy the conversation, the stories, and the laughter. We love learning about everything that makes each one of our residents special and unique.

We also believe that environments and activities should be tailored to each individual that we have the pleasure of caring for. Love yellow? Let's decorate your room with it! Like to watch Westerns? We will find you something to watch that you'll enjoy!

Instead of creating a home where everyone gets the same things all the time, we realize and respect that we are all different. The experience of each of our residents is unique and custom-tailored to their preferences and desires.

We Believe in Living Well

Exercise, healthy meals (that are delicious, too!), and mental stimulation are all important components to well-being - no matter your age! We believe these things are instrumental in the care of our residents.

For exercise, we offer a dedicated work out room that features weights, a biking machine, and other fitness equipment. With the help of Bayada Home Health, our residents stay fit and keep their muscles regularly trained.

For healthy meals, we work with our head of culinary to make sure that all nutritional needs are met. We also ensure each plate out of our kitchen tastes delicious. Even our resident's guests compliment the meals here!

For mental stimulation, we offer all sorts of activities for our residents (with dedicated activities staff) to ensure enjoyment. We have a craft room specifically for exploring everyone's artistic side as well as plenty of space in our common areas for visitors and conversation. We are also always open to new ideas from our residents and do our very best to provide them what they want and need.

We Are Open, so Stop on By!

Both our staff and our residents love having visitors, so plan your visit soon! Come see firsthand how Silver Spring is different. We would be honored to have you in our home. Contact us for a personalized tour.


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