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Construction is Almost Complete

Silver Spring Personal Care Home is set to open in early 2023!

Side view of Silver Spring Personal Care Home showcasing modern farmhouse decor and large windows

The end of construction is nearing here at Silver Spring Personal Care Home, and it's been amazing to see our residence coming together. With a modern, comfortable touch for all those who visit and stay, our home will be able to accommodate 64 residents.

The community is a single-story floor plan with an open floor design. This will give our residents an optimal chance to grow and flourish in our home. Our goal is to treat each resident according to their individual needs. Our compassionate staff will be trained to adjust to each resident’s needs and preferences. It is not our expectation that the individuals who enter our home adjust to the community's schedule, but rather, we adjust to their schedule. They will be the center of making the decisions with their care.

We will work with you and your care team to ensure that your input is paramount in regard to the care you receive.

We will have seven semi-private rooms, but all rooms will be spacious with plank flooring, tiled bathrooms, and granite sinks as well as their own heating and cooling options. The residents will also have the convenience of having their own private shower and bathroom.

Silver Spring Personal Care Home hallway featuring room doors that have little roofs and slats on the side to make it feel like a main home door

Each of the rooms will have a little roof over their door and mailbox outside to create the feeling of home. Additionally, the residents will have their mail delivered to them in their own mailbox, and their room number will be outside.

All rooms will be furnished with a bed, a night stand, a lamp, and a dresser. Our residents may also bring furnishings of their own to make the room feel more like home. Access will be readily and easily available to cable and wireless internet so that each guest is able to enjoy their favorite shows, surf the internet, and communicate with their loved ones.

Our home will have access to two beautiful, spacious courtyards for relaxation and socialization. Off the back of the home, we will have an open deck for the use of both our residents and visitors as well as entertainment that our residents express an interest in seeing.

The views from the resident rooms overlook beautiful acreage of wilderness on every side of our senior care home, and the wildlife will definitely be a treat! It has been amazing to watch during construction.

The dining area is very spacious with tables and chairs in the main area. It will also have seating outside of the main area for socialization and relaxation. Our home will provide a comfortable activity area, craft area, and an area for exercise, too.

We will be able to provide continuing care, respite care, rehab care, and end of life care. For respite care, we can provide a short period of care during a time of need for the resident and their family. The rehab services will keep residents at their highest level of functioning.

Our staff will consist of an administrator, a head of nursing, a business office manager, an admissions person, activity staff, a maintenance person, housekeeping and laundry staff, head of dietary with several cooks and aides, and a nursing staff to assist you and your loved ones.

Our goal is to provide you with the best care, show you respect and empathy, and treat you like our own family.

Senior care will be provided in a beautiful, clean, safe and secure environment. Our nursing staff will assist with medication management, bathing, dressing, toileting, and any ADL’s that you may need help with. Our housekeeping staff will assist with cleaning rooms weekly and laundering linens each week. We will have three delicious and nutritious meals provided daily. Snacks and beverages will be available throughout the day as well.

We have a partnership with Bayada Home Health who will assist with therapy services and skilled nursing needs. Bayada will also provide exercises to our residents and assist with our staff to be able to provide the quality of services that our residents deserve. We plan to have a physician available who will be making regular scheduled visits. We are looking to podiatry, vision, and dental care at the home. We will have a dedicated beautician for hair care.

We are looking forward to being part of your community and having the community become part of our home.

Our community is family-owned by the Neidlinger family. They are committed to ensuring that your loved ones are treated with dignity and respect while receiving the quality of care that they deserve. Our compassionate staff will provide care to our seniors and assist them and their loved ones in transitioning to the home.

We are anxiously waiting to be able to open and serve your needs in the near future! We look forward to being able to treat you and assist you with your growing process, and becoming a part of your family.

Can't wait to meet you!


Executive Director

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