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Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Care Facility

When you embark on a tour of a nursing home, memory care unit, or assisted living facility in Central PA, it's natural to hope for the best for your family member. During these tours, you'll often find yourself being shown the polished surfaces and appealing activities meant to capture your attention - we certainly like to show off the bells and whistles at our home, too. However, it's crucial to recognize that, especially for seniors facing age-related physical and cognitive challenges, these superficialities might not reflect the real essence of care.

Mechanicsburg PA Assisted Living Facility Resident

Seniors, especially those experiencing decline, deserve more than just a glimpse of glitzy amenities. It's easy to get distracted by beautifully designed bedrooms and enticing activity calendars. But to truly gauge the standard of care and the residents' overall well-being, a deeper, more thoughtful approach is necessary.

As you embark on this important journey, consider a more evidence-based assessment method for evaluating the quality of care your loved one will receive in a facility that comes with a significant monthly cost. Here's what you should specifically look for when judging the quality of an assisted living facility. We believe these essential features are fundamental for ensuring your family member's happiness and physical well-being, whether you're planning to visit us or another senior care home.

The Engagement Test

Observe the aide and staff interactions with residents. Genuine smiles, eye contact, and personalized care are indicators of a compassionate and attentive staff.

The Linen Test

Check for clean washcloths and towels in the bathrooms. Proper handwashing is vital for infection control. Ensure residents have access to clean linens to maintain hygiene.

The Warm Water Test

Inspect the availability of warm water in residents' private bathrooms. Adequate warm water is essential for daily hygiene routines and infection control measures.

The Bathroom Temperature Test

Assess the ambient temperature in bathrooms and shower rooms. Adequate warmth is crucial, especially for older residents, ensuring they are comfortable during bathing.

The Call-Button Test

Observe the responsiveness to residents' calls for assistance. Unanswered calls can cause distress and anxiety among residents, making it vital to evaluate the staff's attentiveness.

The Noise Test

Pay attention to background noise levels, including alarms and staff communication. Over-the-top noise can contribute to residents' anxiety and confusion.

The Dining Room Test

Evaluate the dining experience by observing meal service and staff attentiveness. Adequate nutrition and hydration are essential for residents' well-being.

The Calendar Test

Review the monthly activity calendar. Engaging activities tailored to residents' interests and capabilities enhance their quality of life.

The Staff-to-Resident Ratio Test

Understand the staffing levels and how they adapt to residents' needs. Adequate staffing ensures personalized care and attention.

The Supervisor Test

Evaluate the accessibility and engagement of the supervisor responsible for monitoring care standards. Effective management fosters a caring and responsive environment.


When evaluating long-term senior care providers, it's essential to look beyond surface charm and marketing efforts. For every facility you visit, utilize this checklist to delve into the day-to-day conditions your family member will experience. While achieving excellence in care requires meticulous attention to detail, these concrete items serve as valuable indicators of a quality community where your loved one can thrive with dignity and compassion.

Put Us to the Test

We would love the opportunity to have you to our family-owned Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania senior living home so that you can see first-hand how much we care for our residents. Our owner and his family visit regularly to ensure that all of our residents needs are being fulfilled. Our staff genuinely cares for each and every person in our home. Send us a message or give us a call to schedule your tour.


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